Branding is not a service we offer, it's all that we do

Sending a crystal-clear brand message to your target audience is no simple task. How and where should you start? There is so much information out there, it's easy to get lost between different offers, generic marketing advice, and mere graphic design. It seems impossible...

We're about to get your core message straight, figuring out what your brand is truly all about, and presenting its authentic story to the world. So, if you are a mature business that needs to be energized, we help you redefine yourself, while assessing what's working and what's not, and building upon that for positive change. If you're a startup, we build your brand, from strategy to identity, scratch to launch, and communication to management, genuine and clear.
How clear is your brand message?

Brand discovery uses a mixed market research methodology to gain a full perspective of a brand. Using both qualitative and quantitative data from internal stakeholders and external audiences, a deep dive into your brand helps your organization know exactly what's working, what's not and what lies ahead.

An effective and actionable branding requires a strategy well defined. From USP to purpose, promise and position, brand strategy aligns organizational teams in all efforts to enhance brand equity and deepen customer engagement.

As brand strategy is the heart of a company, its identity is the face. Made up of various features and expressions, it's how the people sees the brand. Brand Identity begins with the name and continues through the logo, the tagline, typography and color.

Brand Management is a combination of online and offline activities includes all those instruments, processes and methods that shape the so-called brand experience and continuously change it.
Brand Management is the continued brand process and execution of all techniques utilized to maximize the value of the brand over time.

A brand is a way for your audience to identify you from competitors by your name, strategy, identity, management and other unique.

After consulting and branding for some of the world's best-known companies, we know a lot about brand and building successful brands.
We offer a broad mix of brand services geared to one goal - add value!

We are a brand consultancy firm, specialize in brand discovery, brand strategy, brand identity and brand management, based in heart of Germany, Hanover.
A creative team of brand researcher and analyses, brand strategist, design thinkers, communication planer, web experts, to understand the brand and people, and connecting together under one roof.

Helping your brand connect with your consumers and increase value through integrated branding strategy, identity and management.

We are BRAN1D, and we build bold brands, like no one.

How to build or develop your brand?

For a better results, we suggest that you participate in our strategy session in which we understand more about you, your brand vision; and accordingly offer you the most optimum brand or business strategy.

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